Brussel Sprouts with Lentils

Crispy fried brussel sprouts with lentils

Brussel sprouts are allegedly the new kale. Or so claim the gazillion articles published on the subject of the fashionable foods of 2015. If this is indeed the case, suits me. I seem to be in the minority of people not obsessed with kale chips, which makes me marginalised in my east London hood.

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brown rice sushi rolls

Brown rice sushi rolls

These sushi rolls are a nifty way of using up some odds and ends from the fridge. Here I have used a selection of veg, but you could easily add some strips of tofu, shredded roast chicken or a bit of tuna or salmon – customise as you wish! These make a great lunch on the go – a pretty awesome and wholesome alternative to a soggy sandwich.

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