Waste-free weekend for Khoollect

Over on Khoollect this week I have devised a concise(ish) shopping list (hopefully a lot of which you will already own in your pantry) and recipes for a full weekend of eating. Because sometimes it’s easier if someone else tells you what to cook.

And I promise it won’t require you slaving away over the stove all weekend. Find the recipes here.

Photos by Lara Messer, styling by me

Buttermilk and rye waffles


Photo by Lara Messer for Khoollect.com

Waffles are making a big comeback. Their perfectly spaced nooks are the ideal vessel for pocketing maple syrup and trapping blueberries, or other tasty little morsels. This buttermilk version has a sprinkling of rye to add a wholesome nuttiness – just enough to stand up to the lashings of syrup. – Find the recipe over on khoollect.com

Corn and seafood chowder

corn and seafood chowder

Photo by Lara Messer for Khoollect.com


This chunky chowder is the perfect one-bowl dinner for those chilly winter evenings at home. With the sunny seafood and yellow corn peeking through a light coconut broth, you’ll quickly forget you haven’t seen the sun in weeks. If you’re not a fan of red mullet, leave it out – this chowder will still pack a punch. – Find the recipe over on Khoollect.com


Chuck-it-all-in granola

So many granola recipes are strict with numbers – 20g of this, 35g of the other – but one of the joys of granola is that pretty much anything goes on the dried fruit, seeds and nut front. It’s that chance to shove all the odds and ends in the oven and wait for those toasty aromas to waft through the kitchen.

I have had a crazy few months of back-to-back book shoots and following a much-needed pantry clear-out, I uncovered an insane quantity of nut packets with approximately 15 nuts in each of them which I shoved in one jar to save for granola or spiced nuts.

Granola is fairly pricy to make, but it’s even more expensive to buy, so it is one of those items really worth making yourself, especially if you are on a clear-out cupboard mission.

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borlotti bean one pan

One pan borlotti bean, goat’s curd and kale jumble

It could be my hangover talking here (those cocktails at The Marksman are potent), but what could be better in the early days of Autumn than a massive jumble of eggs, beans, cheese and tomatoes scooped up with toasted Pavilion Bakery bread?

This week I’ve been turning to soothing bowls of food to make the transition into the new season and I’m loving it.  I regularly don’t have time to eat when I’m on food shoots and often resort to getting my calorie intake for the day from chocolate Hobnobs or cheese on crackers, so to come home and kick back a big bowlful of food is totally restorative. This quick dish requires only one pan to wash up and feels incredibly wholesome when you indulged in absinthe-based cocktails the night before. 

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